Job Interview Tips - How to Impress Your Interviewer

Whether you're applying for a job in an office or for a job outside of an office, there are some general job interview tips you should follow. First, dress appropriately for the job. Dressing for an interview is something that everyone should do to avoid causing offence. While a business suit and tie may be appropriate for an office environment, women should stick to a more conservative look with a skirt or pantsuit.
Avoid lying during the job interview. Besides wasting time, lying will not help you get the job. Hiring managers are highly sensitive to lies, and they'll tell if you've lied. Be honest, and mention anything that will help you prove your availability. If you're a fast study, you can mention that trait to impress your interviewer. Otherwise, you'll end up sabotaging your chances of being hired. To avoid this, see this post for more insights on answering why do you want to work here? 
Prepare your documents. Depending on the type of interview, you may need to prepare 2-3 copies of your resume, your cover letter, your list of references, and examples of your work. Prepare your responses to common interview questions in advance. Also, have a pen and paper handy. Make sure to keep your document copies together. And remember, don't forget to bring blank sheets of paper to write down your answers. Your interviewer may use this paper to weed out candidates who don't get along with others.
Dress appropriately. For men, a classic, solid-colored suit is the right choice. A pair of slacks and a blazer can be a semi-casual look, but avoid overly bright colors and patterns. Avoid cologne and jewelry. A smart, professional look will go a long way in making a good impression. And remember to smile. There's no such thing as too much smiles.
If you don't have any relevant work experience, emphasize your academic accomplishments instead. Show them that you can be successful in the organization. Don't be too shy or overconfident if you don't have any work experience. Be genuine and confident. Ultimately, a positive interview will help you get a callback. Take advantage of these tips for a job interview to land a callback and get that callback you've been waiting for.
Don't talk about your salary too early. Ask the employer about salary ranges and benefits later on in the interview. It might be tempting to mention that you're willing to negotiate the final salary once you know more about the role. However, it doesn't show that you're interested in the position, so you'll want to wait until the offer is on the table. In short, you should follow these job interview tips to get the best possible job. Addtionally, its alway good to write a thank you note after the job interview. Get to learn more tips on how to write a great thank you email.
Answer questions about your background. For example, you might be asked why you'd like to work in a company. If you've had a difficult time in the past, be prepared to answer with specific details. For example, if you've spent your entire career in a company with bad co-workers, say that you're looking for a more collaborative environment. Likewise, if you've been unhappy with your current boss for a long time, state why you're looking for a new job.

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